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When nonprofits cannot hire enough employees to provide vital services, the public suffers. Data from this survey show increased demand for services, longer waiting lists, and reduced services.

A discussion of recent data that demonstrates four ways millennials and nonprofits are perfect for each other.

Nonprofits must understand and comply with all federal Fair Labor Standards Act regulations (as well as state wage and hour laws) governing overtime compensation.

New laws in many cities and states are requiring all employers – including nonprofits – to implement practices that are shown to promote pay equity.

For many reasons, it's important to examine whether workers are properly classified as employees or independent contractors, and as exempt or non-exempt employees.

257 years. That is how long it will take women working in Alaska’s nonprofit sector to reach pay equity. Read about the gender pay gap and what your nonprofit can do to help close it.

Implementing compensation practices legally is an area that requires careful attention, and may call for professional guidance.

Nonprofit organizations tend to be experts at caring.

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