Are the People Your Nonprofit Serves and Your Nonprofit Employees Receiving the New Child Tax Credit Yet?

Starting this month and continuing through the end of this year, the IRS will send payments of up to $250 or $300 each month, per child, to the parents or guardians of 65 million eligible children under 18 years of age in the United States.

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The unemployment news across the country is horrific.

Posted In: Federal Policy Tags: Employment | COVID-19 | Nonprofit Impact

Key elements of our nation’s social contract – equality, justice, and even truth – have been stained almost beyond recognition.

Posted In: Leadership Tags: Equity | Justice

Stay-at-home orders, self-quarantining by those exposed or at high risk, six-foot physical distancing, and other public and private health measures can create the misimpression that we’re all disconnected and isolated.

Posted In: Local Impact Stories Tags: COVID-19

Over the past week, the United States has seen an enormous spike in unemployment due to layoffs in the business and nonprofit sectors stemming from the economic ramifications of the COVID-19 crisis.

Posted In: Financial Management Tags: Unemployment Insurance | COVID-19

As Congress and the White House discuss supporting specific American industries, which one is in the greatest danger?

Posted In: Federal Policy Tags: COVID-19 | Coronavirus
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