Advocacy With a Small “a”—Big Ideas for Small Foundations

While attending Exponent Philanthropy’s 2018 National Conference last month, I had a surprise: I saw a significant number of grantmakers genuinely excited about getting involved in advocacy!

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I may be biased, but I think fiscal sponsorship can be a tremendous solution to a number of different issues for some nonprofits.

Posted In: Financial Management Tags: Fiscal Sponsorship

Q & A with Rick Cole, Supervising Project Manager, FASB.

Posted In: Financial Management Tags: Accounting | FASB | Donor Restrictions | Expenses | Liquidity

Even the most profound advocacy message is irrelevant if no one reads it. And many of the great works of thought and art have profound and memorable openings.

Posted In: Advocacy Tags: Johnson Amendment | Nonpartisanship

Nonprofits, by definition, are mission-driven organizations designed to serve a charitable purpose. Nowhere in those missions should sexual harassment, or other forms of discrimination, have a toehold.

Posted In: Tags: Sexual Harassment | Leadership | Employment

In a former professional role, I served as legal counsel to employers in employment discrimination cases, including sexual harassment matters.

Posted In: Tags: Sexual Harassment | Employment
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