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Read about Common Sense Warns Nonprofits to Get Prepared

Common Sense Warns Nonprofits to Get Prepared

Tim Delaney, NCN's President & CEO, examines what a perilously divided Congress might mean for nonprofits, ways to prepare for looming economic threats, and where opportunities remain.

Kenzie Strong of ResultsLab shares ways to simplify, streamline, and document your data collection practices – and make sure they’re aligned with your mission.

Nonprofits can now benefit from tax deductions if they install energy-efficient equipment in new or renovated buildings that they own.

A challenge for nonprofits trying to recruit and retain staff is the inability of prospective and current employees to find affordable child care. Some states and cities are trying to help.

FEP’s third quarter report shows donor acquisition and retention continue to fall. Our analysis shares insights, guidance, and resources you can use.

BMP surveyed nonprofit leaders to learn what they needed to maintain and build their organizations. The greatest needs: growing the organization, raising money, and staff issues, especially burnout.

Nonprofits have historically struggled to recruit and retain accountants, controllers, and CFOs. That struggle is about to get worse due to demographics, impacting both staffing and costs.

Several provisions in the Secure Act 2.0 are significant for nonprofits. Tax expert Steven Woolf explains the provisions related to charitable giving and retirement and why they matter to nonprofits.