Momentum toward a more equitable workforce

In the nonprofit sector, we are constantly fighting for the dignity of those seeking support and advocating for their economic mobility.  But how often do we fight the same fight for our own staff members?

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The last few weeks have been filled with headlines about the state of individual giving to nonprofits in 2018. Depending on what you read, overall giving statistics show either new record highs or portend disaster.

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The mere words “tax policy” may put some people to sleep, but small changes quickly add up to big impact on nonprofits’ bottom lines. Changes to income taxes can significantly influence charitable giving, leading to more or less.

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Ever since passage of the 2017 federal tax law, with its potential threats to charitable giving among middle-income households (and even among very wealthy households, due to the doubling of the estate tax exemption), nonprofits have asked us—...

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Compliance, competition, capacity: the three main challenges facing smaller nonprofits and foundations when it comes to human resources.

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A recent survey conducted by America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) indicates that 56 percent of U.S.

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