Insights into Great Relationships: Board Chairs and Executive Directors

You can find many articles and tip sheets defining the roles of board chairs and executive directors, including those admonishing board chairs that it’s their role to “support” the nonprofit’s executive director. We were curious – what does that “support” look like?

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With all the news about recent data hacks, why wait until October’s National Cyber Security Awareness Month to consider best practices that can help secure the future of...

Posted In: Capacity Building Tags: Data Security

Even though nonprofit staff and board members WANT to diversify the composition of their boards of directors, data show that not much progress has been made.

Posted In: Governance Tags: Diversity

Nonprofits can use their credibility as proven champions for the community (not one political side or the other) to bring unnatural allies together. Nonprofits do this all the time.

Posted In: Leadership Tags: Community | Nonpartisanship

When we think about the characteristics of a charitable organization – a “public benefit” corporation (that’s the official IRS moniker for charitable nonprofits) – elephants may not immediately come to mind.

Posted In: Leadership Tags: Empathy | Wellness | Leadership

Whether through a thoughtful selection process or luck of the draw, you find yourself the newly anointed chair of the board. Now what?

Posted In: Governance Tags: Board Chair
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