Advocacy With a Small “a”—Big Ideas for Small Foundations

While attending Exponent Philanthropy’s 2018 National Conference last month, I had a surprise: I saw a significant number of grantmakers genuinely excited about getting involved in advocacy!

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It seems that almost every day, we read a new report about the state of individual giving. Among the recent highlights are:

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Executive transitions are an increasingly important topic of conversation at nonprofits across the country – and...

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Planning your nonprofit’s communications schedule in today’s chaotic world with its non-stop news cycle and attention spans shorter than the blink of an eye can seem daunting.

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When an existential threat looms – such as the repeal or weakening of the Johnson Amendment that, for 64 years, has protected the nonprofit community from the destructive forces of divisive partisan politicking – I can’t think of any better...

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Whether a nonprofit organization has been recently formed and is looking to engage in initial fundraising efforts or is well-established and is planning to expand its fundraising nationwide, the organization will need to consider compliance with...

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