The Data Show What We Know: The Nonprofit Helpers Need Help

New data provide further evidence that the public served by nonprofits continues to be at risk.

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The community-based human services sector in Massachusetts – one of the largest segments of our state’s nonprofit community – is in the midst of a workforce crisis.

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In 2007, Congress passed a law essentially entering into a binding contract with certain college and grad school students.

Posted In: Trends Tags: Public Service Loan Forgiveness | Student Debt

Back in April, we hosted a national webinar featuring experts discussing how to manage a return to in-office work. A lot has changed since then.

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No organization can ever be 100 percent secure, but nonprofits that create a strong security culture—one that actively promotes security awareness and a shared sense of mission around security—are much more likely to avoid many of the most common...

Posted In: Trends Tags: Cybersecurity

A special thank you to Big Duck and authors Wing-Sze Ho and Sandy Zimmerman for permission to reprint their article here.

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