New Mastercard Rules Will Affect Nonprofits that Offer Recurring Donations

Mastercard is updating its Transaction Processing Rules (TPR) in a way that will affect charitable nonprofits that offer donors the option to make recurring donations using a Mastercard...

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Smart phone with social media apps on the home screen.+

Social media has the capability to democratize resources and connect a wide world of users to a nonprofit.

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As summer breaks wind down, many students preparing to go back to school are likely to start an internship.

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On May 11, 2022 all of my remaining federal student debt was forgiven by the government, eliminating hundreds of future monthly payments and changing the way my family makes decisions.

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On September 20th, thousands of nonprofits will be participating in one of the largest celebrations of democracy in our nation’s history: the tenth annual National Voter Registration...

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Much of nonprofit advocacy involves culture change. Public attitudes about smoking, drunk driving, sexual harassment, and more didn’t change because politicians enacted laws.

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