Ethics & Accountability

Operating a nonprofit is not easy.  The National Council of Nonprofits provides nonprofits with the tools, research, and resources needed to operate more effectively, efficiently, and ethically. To advance equity, we make these materials available for free to all nonprofits.

This page highlights our most-viewed resources on Ethics and Accountability. Click "See all resources on this topic" at the bottom of the page for a complete listing of these resources.

Read about Ethics and Accountability for Nonprofits

Ethics and Accountability for Nonprofits

It's important that charitable nonprofits continuously earn the public’s trust through their commitment to ethical principles, transparency, and accountability.

Read about Ethical Leadership for Nonprofits

Ethical Leadership for Nonprofits

We think nonprofit leaders have a special obligation to demonstrate their commitment to values such as accountability, compassion, honesty, service to others, transparency, and respect.

Read about Financial Transparency and Public Disclosure Requirements

Financial Transparency and Public Disclosure Requirements

As tax-exempt public charities, charitable nonprofits embrace the values of accountability and transparency as a matter of ethical leadership, as well as legal compliance.

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