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Charitable nonprofits improve our lives, add vitality to our communities, contribute to our local and national economies, and enhance the health of our democracy. The National Council of Nonprofits is the largest network of nonprofits in North America. We champion, inform, and connect organizations across the country to score big wins for nonprofits and the communities they serve.

We’re the only national, sector-wide group that integrates policy advocacy vertically (all levels of government) and horizontally (all branches of government). This holistic approach results in policies that support, strengthen, and protect nonprofits, especially small and midsized groups.

With the help of our state associations of nonprofits, we actively monitor what is happening in state capitals across the country to identify developments state by state, connecting the dots so that charitable nonprofits can see trends across governments, share information, craft solutions, and mobilize for action. In all our work, we strive to inform policymakers, journalists, the public, and indeed other nonprofits, about the vital role that charitable nonprofits play in benefiting the communities they serve.

  • Public Policy Agenda: identifies the issues of prime importance to our network. We are committed to protecting nonprofits through proper tax policies, budget and spending priorities, fundamental fairness for nonprofits as employers, improvement in government-nonprofit contracting relationships and systems, nonprofit advocacy and protection of nonprofit nonpartisanship, and public accountability and nonprofit independence.
  • Nonprofit Advocacy Updates: provides current and relevant articles and analysis on nonprofit news at the federal, state, and local levels. This bi-weekly policy newsletter is our primary communications vehicle for alerting nonprofits and the public to important news and developing trends.

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