National Council of Nonprofits Statement on Tax Reform Framework’s Potential Consequences for the Work of Nonprofits

Washington, DC - Tim Delaney, President and CEO of the National Council of Nonprofits issued the following statement on the tax reform framework released today:

“Charitable nonprofits are both appreciative and apprehensive about the tax reform framework released today.

“We applaud the ‘Big Six’ for their recognition of the importance of retaining the charitable giving incentive going forward. However, the impacts on nonprofits of doubling the standard deduction and its resulting reduction in charitable giving, repealing the estate tax, other changes that could disrupt service delivery, and greatly expanding the deficit require further consideration. It could well be that the people who benefit from the framework’s proposed tax cuts may see unacceptable reductions in their quality of life and survivability due to a resulting limit on the ability of nonprofits to serve. This must be avoided.

“As Congressional committees begin their work to turn this framework into concrete legislative proposals, we call on them to recognize that governments at all levels depend on charitable nonprofits to deliver services in communities. Tax reform needs to enhance, not undermine, the ability of organizations to serve. That means promoting greater incentives for giving to nonprofit work in communities, such as a universal charitable deduction that all Americans can use to support their fellow Americans, as well as setting stable tax and spending policies that address immediate and future needs of the people we collectively serve.”


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