The Future of Nonprofits: Embracing AI Responsibly with Fundraising.AI

The nonprofit sector is buzzing with discussions about the potential and challenges of Artificial Intelligence (AI). As AI continues to evolve rapidly, the sector grapples with the best ways to harness its power responsibly. Enter Fundraising.AI, an initiative that seeks to bridge this gap in the fundraising space.

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Tim Sarrantonio,
Steering Committee Member,

Fundraising.AI is an independent initiative, driven by consensus and collaboration. Notably, prominent companies in the nonprofit tech space, while influential on the advisory council and in other volunteer capacities, don't hold any ownership or control over this project. By bringing together a diverse group of thought leaders and positional leaders from multiple companies (many of which are thought to be competitors), Fundraising.AI aims to ensure that decisions are made in the best interest of the entire sector as opposed to the incentives of any individual company.

Artificial intelligence can seem like magic, which makes it even more critical that fundraisers, donors, and the larger nonprofit ecosystem make sure that this technology is being designed and deployed responsibly.

A framework for fundraisers by fundraisers ensures we are starting with trust as the primary barometer of success.

The cornerstone of Fundraising.AI is the Framework for Responsible Artificial Intelligence in Fundraising. This framework has been crafted with insights from more than 90 experts from diverse corners of the nonprofit realm. Whether it's data ethics, inclusivity, legal compliance, or sustainability, this framework provides guidance tailored for both tech platforms and nonprofit professionals. The overarching goal? To ensure AI is adopted in a manner that garners trust and reliability.

The good news is that the wider nonprofit community can be a part of this vision. Whether you're an individual or represent an organization, putting the framework to use is a step toward a future where AI and ethics coexist.

We know that communication around AI has exploded in recent months, and most nonprofits still have a lot of questions. That is why Fundraising.AI is hosting a free virtual global summit later this month. This virtual event will be the largest gathering of nonprofit and for-profit professionals and organizations to explore the role of Responsible AI in fundraising—an important step on the path toward making the framework a practical reality. 


The Summit will take place Oct. 23-24, 2023. We invite you to register, both to learn and to share your real-world experiences so we can find the best ways for nonprofits to embrace the promise of AI in a responsible, transparent, and ethical way.

But the journey doesn't stop here.

The explosion of discussion and application of AI in our world requires that we are proactive in how it intersects with the work inside our nonprofits. The Fundraising.AI collaborative exists to address the uniqueness of the nonprofit fundraising sector, which largely relies on donors’ trust.

Your ability to use AI responsibly in your nonprofit moving forward will play a huge role in the effectiveness of your fundraising in the coming years.

This is a critical time to make decisions that will influence our sector for generations to come. We hope that you can join us in shaping the future to be a responsible one. 

Tim Sarrantonio is a Steering Committee Member for Fundraising.AI and also serves as Director of Corporate Brand for Neon One.

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