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We score big wins for nonprofits.

Guided by passionate leadership and strong values, our team draws upon a broad and deep wellspring of experience and knowledge. Our robust network allows us to stay informed about what’s happening on the ground, distribute information, and mobilize organizations for systemic change.

The results improve the operating and policy environment on which all nonprofits rely. A few recent examples:

  • We secured $50 billion from Congress in forgivable PPP loans for nonprofits’ COVID-19 relief and guided more than 100,000 organizations in learning how to access those loans, which helped preserve 6.2 million nonprofit jobs (data from the Small Business Association).
  • We succeeded in making nonprofits eligible for funding from the $350 billion in American Rescue Plan Act funds allocated to state, local, and Tribal governments for pandemic relief and recovery in their communities.
  • We preserved nearly a billion dollars in charitable donations by defeating attempts to limit giving incentives in multiple states.

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“In moments of crisis and demand, you can’t just funnel money to an organization and expect it to be effective. What NCN achieved for nonprofits during the pandemic requires consistent support to build capacity, skill, and relationships that can be mobilized for both the ongoing work and those moments of crisis or opportunity. ”

–Roger Nozaki, Barr Foundation, VP for Strategy & Programs


We’re the only organization watching out for the well-being of the entire nonprofit community across all levels and all branches of government.

Our holistic approach results in policies that support and protect nonprofits, especially small and midsize organizations in local communities. We lead and partner with nonprofits, advocating with and for them in legislative bodies, regulatory agencies, and the courts.

Every victory is hard-won. Constant vigilance is required to preserve those wins and protect nonprofits from harmful policy proposals that often erupt without warning. We are equipped to act with swift, surefooted, and coordinated responses when threats and opportunities suddenly emerge. Others consistently rely on us to step forward as the nonprofit sector’s “Rapid Response Team.”

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Nonprofits are bridge-builders weaving our communities together. Everyone benefits when they succeed. Join our collective efforts to create a connected and powerful nonprofit community equipped to advance the public good.

Nonprofit Staff and Board Members:



  • Recognize that your constituents rely on nonprofits in countless ways, reducing the burdens on governments. Nonprofits are a vital part of every community. In addition to delivering critical services, they are significant economic engines that collectively employ the third largest private workforce.    
  • Ensure nonprofits are always at the policy table, as they are closest to the community’s challenges and are most knowledgeable about the solutions.


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Your contribution to the National Council of Nonprofits helps us help all charitable nonprofits to advance their missions – and benefits the many communities and causes they serve.

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