Utah Nonprofits Association

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4900 S Highland Drive
Suite B
Salt Lake City
(801) 596-1800

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The Utah Nonprofits Association will provide its members and partners the opportunity to engage in meaningful and dynamic relationships. UNA will:

UNIFY: Be the connector of nonprofits and communities in the delivery of nonprofit programs and services

STRENGTHEN: Be the portal of nonprofit expertise, education, information and benefits

ELEVATE" Be the voice and promote the essential value of the nonprofit community

UNA's Priority Strategies


  • Create opportunities for networking and collaborations between nonprofits, government and business groups
  • Create opportunities for networking and collaborations among nonprofit subgroups
  • Develop a process for quick assessment, response and action to evolving nonprofit and community needs


  • Explore and implement the use of appropriate technology and/or other methods to support delivery of statewide services
  • Complete a feasibility assessment of an accreditation program for members to increase marketability and credibility with stakeholders
  • Provide access to affordable training and conferences that meet a variety of nonprofit organizational needs throughout Utah
  • Further develop and implement the communication strategy that includes sharing of relevant nonprofit information to the right audience and in the most effective way
  • Provide a spectrum of services that support entry level to seasoned nonprofit staff and volunteers
  • Investigate and create nonprofit discount and reciprocal agreements for member training with nonprofit support organizations
  • Review member fee structure - Implement changes to best meet membership needs
  • Increase nonprofit volunteer capacity


  • Launch a public awareness campaign targeted to the for-profit and government sectors that elevates the importance of nonprofits in Utah
  • Include on the Board of Directors individuals from government and private sectors as well as broad and inclusive representation from nonprofit organizations
  • Provide compelling annual reports on the Utah nonprofit sector such as the Impact of the Utah Nonprofit Sector, Salary Survey, Legislative Fact Sheet and UNA Annual Report
  • Identify, address and, as the opportunity arises, introduce legislation for issues that impact the nonprofit sector


  • Diversify funding sources to ensure that revenue streams, programs and operations are not overly reliant on any one source
  • Explore opportunities to partner or merge with nonprofit support partners to increase efficiencies, improve services and better leverage resources and infrastructure
  • Complete an aspirational organizational chart to support the 3-year strategic and growth plan
  • Explore and implement the use of appropriate technology to support UNA's work
  • Develop a succession plan for all staff positions to ensure continuity of services upon staff vacancy

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