Nonprofits have, as of today, 63 days until the November 8 elections to engage their staffs, boards, volunteers, clients, and others in nonpartisan ways to promote civic engagement of voting.

Benjamin Franklin famously quipped, “A republic, if you can keep it,” in response to a question of what kind of government the constitutional convention had created.

Charitable nonprofits are famously and appropriately barred from engaging in partisan, election related activities thanks to the longstanding...

No, it’s not the 2024 Presidential Elections (thankfully), or even the 2022 “Mid-Term Elections” for Congress and most state legislatures.

Thanks to the great work of many nonprofits, including many among our readers, our nation is headed to...

State associations and other nonprofits stepped up big for Election Day 2019 by encouraging people in their communities to get out and vote.

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