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To demonstrate how common nonprofit advocacy is – and how effective it can be in advancing missions, improving lives, and strengthening communities – each edition of our free enewsletter, Nonprofit Advocacy Matters, concludes with a current example of “Advocacy in Action.”

So you may be inspired by everyday advocacy by nonprofits across the country, this page provides links to those stories – with the most recent stories posted at the top, flowing backward in reverse chronological order.

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Contrary to the assumptions of some, election season isn’t a time for charitable nonprofits to lay low and avoid engaging with candidates for public office lest they be considered acting in a...

Nonprofits have, as of today, 63 days until the November 8 elections to engage their staffs, boards, volunteers, clients, and others in nonpartisan ways to promote civic engagement of voting.

Regular readers of Nonprofit Advocacy Updates are well aware of the once-in-a-generation financial opportunity that exists thanks to the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA).

Benjamin Franklin famously quipped, “A republic, if you can keep it,” in response to a question of what kind of government the constitutional convention had created.

Every edition of this newsletter closes with an “Advocacy in Action” article designed to inform and hopefully inspire.

After settling for virtual forms of advocacy (via Zoom, social media, etc.) over the course of the pandemic, nonprofit and other advocates are finally able to enter the halls of Congress and...

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