Your Network: The Power of Numbers and Perspectives

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Nonprofits joining their state association of nonprofits automatically become a part of the nation’s largest network of nonprofits. By joining your state association of nonprofits, you can exponentially expand your insights because your nonprofit, its volunteers, and board members will be linked to more than 25,000 other nonprofits, giving you more eyes, ears, and insights to trends, threats, and opportunities.

This expansion of your team gives you power when policy threats arise. Plus, it gives you access to fresh perspectives from nonprofits doing similar things – but elsewhere – as well as from nonprofits in other subsectors, ranging from arts & culture and health care to human services, education (pre-school to higher ed), faith-based, and so much more.

The backbone of this unique national network of nonprofits is our member State Associations. They gather, analyze, and distribute valuable information within their states, such as researching and publishing state economic impact studies showing policymakers the crucial economic role that the nonprofit sector plays in the state. Many also offer recommended ethics and accountability practices and standards for nonprofits in their states. And they help their in-state members connect to proven solutions and broader trends crossing state lines by participating in the National Council of Nonprofits.

Our new website offers fresh opportunities for you to learn more about the important roles of our member State Associations and Nonprofit Allies. We invite you to visit the “Find Your State Association” section (accessible from every page on our website). There, you can click on your state and view the profile pages to learn more about your State Association’s important work.

Other parts of the website enable you to see other invaluable, yet often invisible behind-the-scenes, work that our network of member State Associations and Nonprofit Allies perform as they help “Our Network in Action” by bringing our network’s tagline to life: lifting its “National Voice,” maintaining its “State Focus,” and increasing its “Local Impact.”

We are proud of, and thankful for, the vital work they do, and believe that you will be as well when you learn how they serve as irreplaceable champions and advocates for the charitable nonprofits in their states.

Thank you for visiting our new website. If you have time, we invite you to provide us with your feedback for further improvements. Thanks.

Tim Delaney

Tim Delaney
President & CEO

Find Your State Association of Nonprofits

Find Your State Association of Nonprofits

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