New Giving Data and Reports: Giving Stays Flat, and Worrisome Trend of Fewer Donors Continues

Recent reports from a variety of sources analyze giving data for 2020 and 2021 from several different datasets and points of view.

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A nonprofit’s email list contains valuable contact information for donors, board members, community members and other stakeholders, event participants, alumni, volunteers, members, and advocates.

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thick orange haze above San Francisco from record wildfires in 2020 +

The unsettling juxtaposition of two recent reports makes this urgent truth unavoidable and crystal clear: climate change is threatening the sustainability of all nonprofits, including the ones you care about most.

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Many nonprofits have been working for years to define, refine, and implement their commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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As COVID-19 thankfully appears to be receding, one significant byproduct of the pandemic for some employers still remains: the large increase in the number of employees who have been telecommuting, often for significant lengths of time and in a...

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