Gadgets and Widgets and Tech, Oh My!

With fall appeal and Giving Tuesday season upon us, does your nonprofit dream of finding a technology platform that:

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For some people, that headline might evoke the late 60’s musical Hair or a more recent comedy starring Steve Carell.

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In the nonprofit sector, we are constantly fighting for the dignity of those seeking support and advocating for their economic mobility.  But how often do we fight the same fight for our own staff members?

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I am in the process of revamping and reimagining a nonprofit’s primary email marketing newsletter. As a result, I signed myself up for email correspondence from comparable, like-minded brands.

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As a new executive director, I’ve set a goal for myself to increase corporate giving to our mission. ”Sounds like a plan,” right? But I have some basic questions to answer first.

What’s the best approach?”

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Burnout isn’t just a trendy term — it’s real and it’s widespread. So many of us seem to feel overworked — we take on more and more and more until that telltale feeling of extreme stress takes over.

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