National Council of Nonprofits Ramps Up Federal Policy Engagement

Nation’s largest network of nonprofits builds on recent successes
to advance and protect nonprofits in local communities across the country

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Tags: Public Policy, Advocacy, Federal Policy

If I Knew Then: Tips from the Experts on Jumpstarting Your Social Impact Career

Make a habit of advocating for your nonprofit’s mission in some way each and every day.

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Charity Inc.: Stand for your mission

While so much advocacy and public education happens at the grass-roots level, I also encourage nonprofits to start with their boards to stand for their missions.

Tags: Oklahoma, Advocacy, Stand For Your Mission

Advocacy Tips From 5 of the Nation’s Best

During the 2015 state legislative session, the KNN championed a bill to set up a Government-Nonprofit Contracting Reform taskforce that received the unanimous support of both chambers.

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Bob Smucker Dies: A Founding Father of Nonprofit Advocacy

Smucker was among the founders of CLPI in 1988. The organization’s program content and materials was folded into the National Council of Nonprofits in 2012.

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9 Ways to Approach Congressional Staffers to Get Your Issue Heard

Committee staffers are specialists by nature, whereas staffers in members’ offices tend to be generalists.

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Inside the battle to overhaul overtime — and what it says about how lobbying has changed

Meanwhile, both sides have tried to claim the allegiance of the nonprofit sector, which is torn between a belief that the rule might help low-income people and the recognition that complying with it could strain their own budgets.

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5 Reasons Why State Advocacy Rocks

Why is state-level advocacy so effective? For one thing, “because all politics is local,” says Jeff Shaw, director of public policy at the Connecticut Association of Nonprofits.

Tags: State Policy, Connecticut, Minnesota, Advocacy

7 Ways Advocacy Newbies Can Shine Their First Day on the Job


Tags: Advocacy

Board Members Can Be Powerful Advocates

“Board members don’t appreciate their power,” said Tim Delaney, president and CEO of the National Council of Nonprofits. “When they talk, lawmakers will listen.”

Get Them on Board

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