Secular, Religious Nonprofits Petition To Save Johnson Amendment

The Community Letter is an effort by broad coalition of 10 national nonprofit and foundation networks to protect existing law that has come under consideration for repeal or modification.

Tags: Nonpartisanship, Johnson Amendment, Advocacy

Charity Inc.: Being proactive

When it comes to nonprofit advocacy, we always say, “If you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu.” Last week, one of my staff members reminded me of a better quote from a former New York congresswoman, Shirley Chisholm: “If they don’t give you...

Tags: Oklahoma, Advocacy

Charitable nonprofits shouldn’t become political

I write today as board chair for the Montana Nonprofit Association (MNA), a membership organization representing more than 600 nonprofits across Montana.

Tags: Montana, Nonpartisanship, Advocacy, Johnson Amendment

200 Charity Leaders Visit Washington to Push Lawmakers to Keep Tax Write-Offs

Tim Delaney, president of the National Council of Nonprofits, said the message charities had for lawmakers reminded him of the lyrics of a children’s song his daughter used to sing.

Tags: Advocacy, Charitable Giving Incentives

Don’t Weaken the Existing Ban on Electioneering by 501(c)(3) Organizations

During this year’s National Prayer Breakfast, President Trump renewed his call for a repeal of the 62-year-old ban...

Tags: New Jersey, Nonpartisanship, Advocacy

Repealing Johnson Amendment would hurt the good work of nonprofits

Tags: Nonpartisanship, Advocacy

Lawmakers Propose Doing Away With The Johnson Amendment

Marnie Taylor is the CEO for the Oklahoma Center for Non-profits.

Tags: Oklahoma, Nonpartisanship, Advocacy

Clergy differ on bill to repeal the Johnson Amendment

Tim Delaney, National Council of Nonprofits president, voiced “strong opposition” to the repeal bill. “Nonprofits are already free to exercise their First Amendment rights to advocate for their missions,” he said in a Feb. 2 statement.

Tags: Nonpartisanship, Advocacy

Trump’s proposal to loosen speech for churches will harm nonprofits, say leaders

It may seem like the law is narrowly focused on restricting what religious groups can say or do if they want to remain tax-exempt. However, the Johnson Amendment broadly covers all nonprofits.

Tags: Advocacy, Nonpartisanship

Some Nonprofit Groups Push Back Against Calls to Strike Ban on Politicking

The National Council of Nonprofits also said it would fight any efforts to "politicize" nonprofits and foundations.

Tags: Nonpartisanship, Advocacy


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