#Relief4Charities Day of Action

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Simple Actions to Take: It’s Easy as 1-2-3

  1. Email your two Senators and Representatives, sending them the new Nonprofit Community Letter, or using some of these key messages, or both.
  2. Tweet your two Senators (names and handles here), using one of the sample social posts forwarding the new Nonprofit Community Letter and/or one of the specially designed posts with graphics promoting each of the #Relief4Charities priorities. See samples in the Advocacy in Action article.
  3. Make your voice even louder by encouraging your colleagues, board members, and volunteers to put pressure on your Senators and Representative.

Sample Social Posts for #Relief4Charities

Communities are relying on #nonprofits more than ever as COVID cases increase across the country. Congress must pass urgent #Relief4Charities so we can continue to meet growing need! More info: /sites/default/files/documents/nonprofit-community-letter-7-13-2020.pdf

#Nonprofits are facing tough challenges and working to meet increasing need as the COVID crisis continues. Congress MUST pass urgent #Relief4Charities so we can serve those relying on us through this crisis and then help communities recover. /sites/default/files/documents/nonprofit-community-letter-7-13-2020.pdf

The COVID crisis has shown how CRITICAL #nonprofits are for communities across the country. We can’t wait—nonprofits need Congress to pass urgent #Relief4Charities NOW! More info: /sites/default/files/documents/nonprofit-community-letter-7-13-2020.pdf

Food. PPE. Safe housing for those experiencing homelessness. Child care and school supplies for kids. And more. #Nonprofits are providing essential services through the COVID crisis, but we need urgent #Relief4Charities to meet communities’ needs as cases rise! [CUSTOMIZE LIST FOR YOUR ORG]

Experts agree that winter will be the toughest period of the COVID crisis, and #nonprofits are serving communities as they face uncertainty and increased need. Congress, pass URGENT #Relief4Charities so we can continue to be there for those who rely on us.

One million jobs lost already at #nonprofits because of the pandemic. How many more nonprofit workers will lose their jobs because Congress fails to pass #Relief4Charities? Our communities deserve better. Now! /sites/default/files/documents/nonprofit-community-letter-7-13-2020.pdf


Tweets to Members of Congress

Communities are relying on #nonprofits more than ever as COVID cases increase across the country. @[Legislator Twitter handle], take action to pass urgent #Relief4Charities so we can continue to meet growing need! /sites/default/files/documents/nonprofit-community-letter-7-13-2020.pdf

Nonprofits can’t wait. @[Legislator Twitter handle], we are counting on Congress to pass urgent #Relief4Charities so we can continue to meet rising community need as the COVID crisis continues. Communities are relying on us!

.[Senator’s/Representative’s hashtag] COVID relief is desperately needed. My #nonprofit and the people we serve cannot wait until next year for a deal to pass #Relief4Charities /sites/default/files/documents/nonprofit-community-letter-7-13-2020.pdf

Reimbursing (self-insured) Employers

.[Senator’s/Representative’s hashtag] Reimbursing employers are being forced to lay off more employees due to unfair unemployment bills. Enact 100% federal coverage of UI bills as part of #Relief4Charities in a COVID relief bill. /sites/default/files/documents/nonprofit-community-letter-7-13-2020.pdf

Universal Charitable Deduction

.[Senator’s/Representative’s hashtag] Help all taxpayers help #nonprofits address growing demand and costs by expanding the above-the-line charitable deduction and extending it through 2021.  #Relief4Charities /sites/default/files/documents/nonprofit-community-letter-7-13-2020.pdf

Paycheck Protection Program Reforms

.[Senator’s/Representative’s hashtag] PPP loans saved hundreds of thousands of jobs at #nonprofits but that money has run out. Nonprofits need #Relief4Charities that includes expanded PPP eligibility and a second round of PPP loans. /sites/default/files/documents/nonprofit-community-letter-7-13-2020.pdf.

Forgivable Loans for Mid-Size Nonprofits

.[Senator’s/Representative’s hashtag] The CARES Act Paycheck Protection Program unfairly excluded many #nonprofits that are vital to our country’s recovery from the pandemic. Congress must expand PPP eligibility as part of #Relief4Charities in a COVID relief bill /sites/default/files/documents/nonprofit-community-letter-7-13-2020.pdf.

Key Messages

  • People are turning to nonprofits now more than ever.

  • The “triple-cliff” of the end of unemployment benefits, expiration of eviction moratoriums, and other programs in December threatens to send millions more to nonprofits for basic needs.

  • Demand is skyrocketing, not just at food banks, but also for mental health services, housing assistance, childcare, and more.

  • In addition, many nonprofits are facing thousands of dollars in new expenses for PPE, hand sanitizer, cleaning supplies, plexiglass barriers, and space reconfiguration. For nonprofits that have been able to shift to online service delivery, there have been costs to make that possible.

  • Revenues are not keeping up with these increased demands and new expenses.

  • In some cases, nonprofits are facing cuts or freezes on payments on government contracts, forcing these nonprofits to continue delivering services without any indication of when - or if - they will ever be paid for those services.

  • A recent survey in Kentucky found that 4 percent of nonprofits had already closed their doors forever and another 5 percent expect to close before the end of the year. (For groups in other states, see this collection of other state-level surveys on the pandemic’s effects for data points that can be incorporated.)

  • Nearly 1 million nonprofit jobs have been lost since March.

  • Provisions in the CARES Act, such as the PPP loans, helped save tens of thousands of nonprofit jobs, but those funds have run out, meaning thousands of people may soon go from helping others to needing help themselves.

  • The end of the year also means the expiration of CARES Act relief for reimbursing nonprofits and the $300 above-the-line deduction for most taxpayers. 

  • Without immediate passage of a COVID relief package that includes the provisions that more than 4,000 nonprofits have called on Congress to include – provisions that have bipartisan support in both the House and Senate – many nonprofits are not going to be able to continue serving their communities.

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