Proof That Nonprofit Advocacy Is Legal

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Arguably, the most important public policies we have in the United States have come from nonprofit organizations lobbying for their causes…. These achievements may be largely attributed to the strong leadership of executive directors and board members who knew that direct service alone would not change the flawed or missing public policies that contributed to the problems their organizations were trying to alleviate.

--David F. Arons, in Nonprofit Governance and Management

Federal Law Protects Nonprofit Advocacy 

Nonprofit advocacy and lobbying are perfectly legal. But don’t feel like you have to believe us – read for yourself how the U.S. Constitution, Congress, and the IRS have protected the rights of nonprofits to engage in advocacy and legislative lobbying.

The Free & Easy 501(h) Election

Sometimes called the best, easiest, and cheapest insurance in America, this little known form can simplify life for most 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofits advancing their missions through advocacy.

Benefits of Filing the 501(h) Election

For most charitable nonprofits, electing the expenditure test by filing Form 5768 will provide many benefits, including that it’s easier and safer.

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