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The National Council of Nonprofits, the nation's largest network of nonprofits, provides expert insight on key issues relevant to nonprofits and the communities they serve. The Council of Nonprofits is uniquely positioned to provide both a national perspective and a connection to one of our State Associations for a local perspective.

Read on for a sampling of the recent articles quoting experts from our organization and network.


"It's now impossible for Congress and the White House to deny their objective: to politicize the trusted charitable nonprofit community by authorizing unlimited, unfettered and untraceable political money to flow through the nonprofit sector to...

Posted In: Council of Nonprofits in the News | Tags: Nonpartisanship, Johnson Amendment

“The only thing that is clear about the new taxes on tax-exempt organizations is that no one understands them—not nonprofits, houses of worship, accountants, lawyers, or tax advisors,” said David L.

Posted In: Council of Nonprofits in the News | Tags: UBIT, Transportation Benefits, Tax Reform

"Many of these are low-paid positions that require significant education and training, and this program helps to recruit and retain these highly qualified people in our sector," said Michael Weekes, president and CEO of the Providers' Council,...

Posted In: State Associations in the News | Tags: Massachusetts, Human Services

The new measure, if enacted, would set up potentially insurmountable roadblocks before the IRS could begin an investigation into a violation of the prohibition, said David Thompson, vice president of public policy for the National Council of...

Posted In: Council of Nonprofits in the News | Tags: Johnson Amendment, Nonpartisanship

“The great concern is the combination of an effort to prevent the IRS to make it harder to find who’s funding whom.

Posted In: Council of Nonprofits in the News | Tags: IRS, Reporting Requirements, Johnson Amendment
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