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The National Council of Nonprofits, the nation's largest network of nonprofits, provides expert insight on key issues relevant to nonprofits and the communities they serve. The Council of Nonprofits is uniquely positioned to provide both a national perspective and a connection to one of our State Associations for a local perspective.

Read on for a sampling of the recent articles quoting experts from our organization and network.


Nonprofits around Kentucky are still trying to figure out exactly how the law applies to them, said Danielle Clore, executive director of the Kentucky Nonprofit Network. The new tax law was approved by the legislature in the spring.

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“The Walker bill recognizes the fallacy of taxing tax-exempts for the mistaken goal of creating ‘parity’ with for-profit businesses and reiterates the point that these new taxes on nonprofit transportation and other benefits are inappropriate and...

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“It’s now impossible for Congress and the White House to deny their objective: to politicize the trusted charitable nonprofit community by authorizing unlimited, unfettered and untraceable political money to flow through the nonprofit sector to...

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D.C. groups that represent traditional nonprofits are generally wary of both the new IRS rule and efforts to repeal the Johnson Amendment. They see each as further blurring the line between charities and political groups.

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Washington, DC - Responding to the dual events this week of (1) the House passing language to effectively block enforcement of the longstanding law known as the Johnson Amendment in Section 112 of the Interior/Environment and Financial Services...

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