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National Voice - State Focus - Local Impact

Our tagline of “National Voice ~ State Focus ~ Local Impact” does not reveal the all-important first step that occurs before any external advocacy occurs: we begin by engaging and listening to our members. The National Council of Nonprofits serves as the hub of the largest network of charitable nonprofits, providing incredible access to real-world and real-time information from front-line nonprofits.  

Through our member State Associations, Nonprofit Allies, and State Policy Allies, we gather information from the field to track trends and identify how policies and practices at all levels of government – local, state, and federal – are helping or hurting the work of charitable nonprofits in local communities. From there, our network connects policy dots of broad trends, packages that information in practical terms that can be applied easily, and distributes it back into the field. This circular flow of information allows data to be collected, analyzed, and clarified with possible solutions woven in empowers front-line nonprofits to provide and receive valuable information in real time that supports and advance the vital work they do in local communities across America.

We are known for the Special Reports and unique tools we produce that inform charitable nonprofit staff and board members, as well as policymakers and the general public, about public policy challenges and opportunities.  As shown below in the related pages about our network advocated with a National Voice, State Focus, and Local Impact, when necessary we mobilize our network to resist efforts by states and localities seeking to take funds away from nonprofit missions through new taxes, fees, and demands for payments in lieu of taxes. We work to protect nonprofit independence from unwarranted government intrusion, while also promoting ways for governments and nonprofits to collaborate to solve community challenges. In all our work, we strive to inform policymakers, journalists, the public, and indeed other nonprofits about the vital role that charitable nonprofits play.

Our network’s advocacy takes many shapes, sometimes working with elected and appointed officials and government employees to craft solid solutions that enable charitable nonprofits to better serve their communities, and other times proactively opposing government proposals that threatened to hurt nonprofit missions. Similarly, at times our network’s everyday advocacy involves the for-profit business community. Always our goal is to help charitable nonprofits better serve the general public.

Explore to learn more about how we bring our tagline to life through lifting our network’s “National Voice,” maintaining its “State Focus,” and increasing its “Local Impact.” 

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