Opinion Pieces

Commentary originally included in the August 7, 2023 edition of the Nonprofit Champion newsletter.

Natural disasters are striking communities across the country, seemingly daily. Always on the front lines of response and recovery from those disasters are the nonprofits in those communities.

Our federal officials must take swift action for lives are literally at stake. Solutions that both sides can live with are not out of reach.

There’s a core American belief that just about everyone agrees with: People employed to serve the public good should not, in their official capacity, endorse or oppose candidates for public office.

Buried deep in the back of the proposed 429-page tax bill is a scheme to misuse houses of worship as tools for political campaigns that would further divide our country and harm faith communities.

This month marks the 100th birthday of the federal tax deduction for charitable giving. That anniversary should be a day of celebration that this incentive to give has done for the American people.

What could possibly go wrong if our country’s more than 1.5 million charitable nonprofits, houses of worship, and foundations were authorized to engage in partisan electioneering? Almost everything.

Rather than focusing on what Congress will (or won’t) do in the new year, foundations and other nonprofits would do well to take a close look at a little-noticed overhaul of federal grant-making rules

We call on Congress and the White House to work for the American people with cooler heads and warmer hearts. Do the right thing by supporting America’s charities in serving their local communities.

Overwhelming data from NFF and others prove that government-nonprofit contracting systems are creating costly and unnecessary challenges throughout the country.

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