The ‘What’s-In-It-for-Me’ Tax Bill

The ‘What’s-In-It-for-Me’ Tax Bill

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According to Tim Delaney, president of the National Council of Nonprofits, Congress’s message to charities is “We don’t care—you’re on your own.”

This comes at a time when nonprofits will be needed to take up the slack resulting from the next step of Republican tax reform: spending cuts in health services and other areas. Cuts to the Medicaid program will undermine hospitals that serve the poor. Further destabilizing the healthcare system, the 2019 elimination of the tax penalty for not buying health insurance will lead to higher premiums, according to the American Academy of Actuaries.

“The bill will increase demands for nonprofit services by blowing a deeper hole in the federal deficit, which then will be used to ‘justify’ spending cuts to programs on which the public depends,” Delaney said in a statement. “Simultaneously, it will block resources nonprofits need to address existing and growing demands for services.”

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