Take Action to Protect Nonprofits and the People and Communities They Serve

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Kill the Bill and Start Over

Why Bother?

“They have the votes to pass the tax bill, so why bother calling?,” some may ask.

   The majority ignored the voices of charitable nonprofits when it inserted policy changes that will depress giving and kill nonprofit jobs, when it attempted to politicize 501(c)(3) organizations against their will, and  when it chose to expand the federal deficit and tax tax-exempts to provide huge tax cuts to wealthy corporations and individuals. Members of Congress need to know that the millions of people who work for and support charitable nonprofits aren’t buying the reality-defying talking points and that they will hold the politicians accountable.

The tax bill that the House and Senate will vote on the week of December 18 favors special interests and the wealthy over the needs of individuals and communities. With very few exceptions, the bill that came out of the conference committee will harm the ability of charitable nonprofits and foundations to address needs in communities and advance their missions.

The consequences of the tax bill will be devastating to the millions of people around the country who rely on charitable nonprofits for everything from food and shelter to faith-based sanctuaries and job training to a safe place to escape domestic abuse and enrichment through the arts. By necessity, spending cuts will be the immediate result of reckless tax cuts, ensuring that nonprofit organizations that already have been stretched too far are simply going to have to turn people away, discontinue vital programs, and even close their doors entirely. All of these are the foreseeable results of a bill that fails to look past the short-term ‘win’ of cutting taxes to recognize the very high price the middle-class will have to pay.

Every person committed to the mission of a charitable nonprofit or foundation needs to make Congress know the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is a disaster for the people we serve and for the ability of organizations dedicated to the public good to address community needs. We urge you to immediately take one or more of these steps.

Step One: Call your Representative and Senators (Capitol switchboard: 202-225-3121) and deliver this important message:

“I am a constituent and I stand with charitable nonprofits across the country in opposing the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. The bill hurts nonprofits and the people we serve, and is a setback for our community. Vote No on the tax bill!”

Step TwoSend this page as an Action Alert to your board members, employees, volunteers, and the people you serve and encourage them to join you in speaking up to preserve the independence and nonpartisanship of the charitable, religious, and philanthropic sectors. 

Step Three: Send tweets. Find your Representative and Senators, then send direct messages to their Twitter handles. Make use of those 280 characters to let them know how the tax bill would hinder your organization’s ability to serve the community and advance its mission. Include the period at the start to send directly to your elected officials. Here are some sample tweets:

.[Representative/Senator twitter handle] I stand with charitable nonprofits across the country in opposing the #taxreform bill. The bill hurts #nonprofits and the people we serve, and is a setback for our community. Vote No on the tax bill!

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