New Hampshire Center for Nonprofits

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194 Pleasant Street
Suite 14
New Hampshire
(603) 225-1947

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The NH Center for Nonprofits is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, statewide association dedicated to providing programs and resources that support nonprofit organizational capacity building and to partnering with sector leaders, businesses, and the broader community to elevate the visibility and status of the nonprofit sector.

Our Role

A core operating value for the Center is relevance. To support the growth, leadership and impact of the nonprofit sector requires that our programs and advocacy be relevant to what is needed today.

​Convener — Bringing together colleagues from across all silos of the sector to build unity, transfer knowledge and foster collective action; bringing for-profit business and government partners together with nonprofit leaders to build stronger relationships, gain deeper insight on the integrated role each plays, and to work together on mutual concerns.

Catalyst — Creating and leveraging opportunities to foster innovation, growth and change in the nonprofit sector; communicating and clarifying the impact and role of the sector; building a united voice and inspiring engagement 
in sector-wide advocacy and policy development.

Collaborator — Engaging with diverse stakeholders to provide the nonprofit voice on issues impacting the sector, the wellbeing of families and economic vibrancy of NH; collaborating with the philanthropic community, media and business to raise the visibility of the sector and foster partnership for collective impact.

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