Momentum Nonprofit Partners

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Momentum Nonprofit Partners

630 S Cooper Street
Memphis, TN 38104
Phone: (901) 726-5725

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Momentum Nonprofit Partners exists to build the momentum of the nonprofit sector to drive equitable, measurable, and lasting change. Our vision pushes us to strive for a Memphis where nonprofits gain an equal seat at the table so that we can be united to solve community problems. We believe that when nonprofits get better, the community gets better. We are inclusive, accessible, and value all voices. Membership with Momentum is free to established local nonprofit organizations and includes a wealth of benefits, including access to templates and forms from The Standards of Excellence.

Our Guiding Principles

  • We believe when nonprofits get better, the community gets better.
  • We believe remarkable people can produce remarkable results– talent matters.
  • We are inclusive, accessible, and we value all voices.
  • We emphasize continuous improvement and accountability to bring the highest impact possible.
  • We promote equity and justice in every action.
  • The needs of the nonprofits, community, and Memphis drive our daily work and our long-term vision.
  • We collaborate, convene, and partner as a way of furthering our mission.
  • We challenge and disrupt entrenched thinking for positive change.

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