Membership Criteria

Membership with the National Council of Nonprofits is by invitation only. Basic requirements to be considered for state association membership are that the organization shall:

  • Be an incorporated 501(c)(3) organization and recognized as tax-exempt by the Internal Revenue Service.
  • Comply and be up to date with all applicable federal, state, and local laws, including annual filing requirements.
  • Be a membership-based organization that serves and supports all charitable nonprofits and nonprofit “subsectors” across the state.
  • Demonstrate that your organization’s operations are statewide.

Capacity Requirements

In addition to the Basic Requirements, to qualify for state association membership your organization shall demonstrate that it has the capacity to effectively serve charitable nonprofits through direct activities and programs in the following areas: 

  • Advocacy – Be a trusted advocate on behalf of charitable nonprofits in regulatory and legislative matters as well as educate charitable nonprofits on how to be advocates for their own missions.
  • Communication – Demonstrate that your organization communicates with nonprofits, board members, grantmakers, and policy makers throughout your state. Also demonstrate that your organization is the go-to resource for trusted information that educates nonprofits, board members, policy makers, the media, grantmakers, and the public, on the critical role nonprofits play in our communities.
  • Ethical and Efficient Practices – Models and promotes ethical systems and procedures that result in effective and sustainable nonprofits, such as accountability, good governance, financial transparency, legal compliance, sound financial management, risk management, and respect for all persons, demonstrating and valuing diversity, inclusivity, and equitable practices.
  • Learning & Knowledge Sharing – Promote continuous learning and collaboration as it informs and facilitates knowledge sharing among all charitable nonprofits across the state.
  • Leadership - Leads and convenes the charitable nonprofit community in your state, such as through in-person convenings, collaborating with other nonprofit networks, demonstrating thought-leadership, and innovative practices; the state association also serves as a champion for charitable nonprofits with grantmakers, businesses, and government, as needed to serve the best interests of charitable nonprofits and the individuals and communities they serve.

To learn more about membership with the National Council of Nonprofits, contact Allison Higgins, Director of Network Engagement.

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