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Maryland Nonprofits exists for the sole purpose of benefiting the nonprofit sector in Maryland. Helping you advance your mission, is our mission. Whether your organization is large or small, emerging or established, your needs are our focus. As a member of Maryland Nonprofits, you'll find tools and resources to develop staff, stay current, influence policy and take your organization to the next level.


Guided by Nonprofits and Responsive: We are accountable to nonprofits by seeking input from members and prospective members and being proactive in offering value that addresses diverse nonprofits’ management and governance needs.  We depend on nonprofits to actively create our learning community. 

Build Trust and Pursue Excellence: We aim for high performance with high integrity and transparency. We are disciplined, rigorous, ethical and dependable in our work, promoting best practices and using fair practices in earning income and pricing services. We help nonprofits uphold these standards in their own work. 

Appreciative and Respectful Leadership: We lead by listening to the individuals across the spectrum of nonprofits, speaking with a voice that draws on the wisdom of nonprofit staff and volunteers, and our own staff and collaborators.  We seek to represent the diverse perspectives of nonprofits, influencing policies and practices that serve their best interests.  

Collaboration and Connectivity for Capacity: We connect people, organizations, information and wisdom across nonprofits, philanthropy, government and business.  We build bridges that leverage resources among nonprofits, help nonprofits build strong networks in their own work, and help nonprofits strengthen their infrastructure and overall organization capacity.

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