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P.O. Box 12321
Wichita, Kansas 67277
Phone: (316) 841-0660

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 “Change your thoughts and you change the world.” Norman Vincent Peale

Kansas Nonprofit Centre Inc, leads, serves and strengthens the capacity of Kansas’ nonprofits that improve the community and quality of life throughout our state.

There are 24,000+ Kansas nonprofits that help to strengthen the fabric of their communities across the state. Kansas Nonprofit Centre, Inc. is a professional resource for nonprofit executives, staff and board members.

Kansas Nonprofit Centre is the hub that connects organization with:

• Information,                • Collaboration, 
• Research                     • Board governance
• Best practices             • Government officials
• Education


Kansas Nonprofit Centre investment in quality leadership development and capacity building are crucial to the effectiveness, adaptability and resilience of Kansas nonprofit leaders, organizations, networks and the sector. 

We recognize that today's complex nonprofit climate requires executives to have a higher degree of business-focused; leadership skills that mirror the principles and practices that our nation's most seasoned for-profit leaders. From fiduciary management and accounting and navigating the complex world of contracting with federal partners. The Kansas Nonprofit Centre is committed to helping all Kansas nonprofit organizations to be prepared to lead their organization in a business-minded yet mission-based approach. Through leadership development, we nurture new nonprofit leaders and sustain experienced leaders.

Board Leadership

Board development is vital to all nonprofit organizations. The board makes the difference between a good nonprofit and a great one and they can even break an organization. 

The Kansas Nonprofit Centre assist board leadership
      • clarify board roles and responsibilities 
      • address issues that are challenging board effectiveness

A functioning board provides legitimacy for each organization. The guidance, experience and input provided by an effective board is an integral part of the nonprofit capacity building process and helps to ensure and organization’s long-term sustainability.


For many nonprofits, education remains the largest need, with cost being a significant barrier. At a time when an organization’s budgets are being stretched to the limit; the cost of classes, time, and travel for nonprofit staff members is prohibitive. Kansas Nonprofit Centre will provide expert instruction via the Zoom Videoconferencing room. The Zoom room is a cost-effective technology. The Zoom offers all organizations current expert instruction, especially for those nonprofits located at distances from major urban area or the small /busy nonprofits. These organizations will be able to acquire the all-important information and will help each organization successfully accomplish the organizations mission.

“Our organization is a small grassroots organization and in our time as a member . . .the quality and professional education classes and resources has assisted me to be able to move the organization forward and be more effective with board development.”  James Wilson – New Hope Shelter.


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