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By joining a state association member of the National Council of Nonprofits your nonprofit automatically participates in the nation's largest network of charitable nonprofits in North America as an Affiliate Member of the National Council of Nonprofits. The benefits that flow to your organization include the work of the National Council of Nonprofits to promote a policy environment that supports the advancement of your nonprofit's mission. (Your organization does not pay dues to the Council of Nonprofits directly.) Stay connected to the trends we are spotting and issues we are following by subscribing to our e-newsletters.

Why Nonprofits Join Your State Association

  1. Advocacy. Learn about critical policy issues affecting the nonprofit sector in your state and community, and join your nonprofit's voice with others at the statehouse.
  2. Impact. It’s all about advancing your mission. With the right skills and tools, you can measure your nonprofit’s effectiveness and communicate the value your nonprofit brings to your community. 
  3. Capacity. Build your nonprofit's capacity to operate more effectively; participate in educational programs and conferences on essential topics such as fundraising, marketing, advocacy, governance, collaboration, managing your staff and volunteers, building your board, technology and leadership skills. These opportunities take your nonprofit to its next level of operational growth, and help it achieve new outcomes.
  4. Join the Conversation. Network with your peers: share ideas, and exchange solutions online.
  5. Resources. Learn about funding opportunities, marketing, and communication skills; fundraising software and databases, how to diversify your nonprofit's income and make connections that raise your nonprofit's profile, as well as funds to support its mission.
  6. Grow! Lead! Acquire new skills, hear about trends that matter as you lead your organization into the future, and as you strengthen your own leadership skills, help build a stronger nonprofit sector in your state.
  7. Save Money. Benefit from discounts on products and services that are available only to members of the state association.
  8. Save Time. Get fast and reliable answers to your management and governance questions.
  9. Foster Collaboration. Create strategic partnerships that can serve your clients more effectively.
  10. Demonstrate integrity. Your state association promotes principles of ethical practice, accountability, and transparency that advance the sector. Be in the know and be part of it.

Find your state association and join today!

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