Great Resolutionaries

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“I’ll never go hungry again!” Scarlett O’Hara famously pledged. “I shall return,” was Gen. Douglas McArthur’s vow as he left the Philippines in 1942. "I will survive," crooned the disco diva Gloria Gaynor. These luminaries from literature, history, and entertainment made these great resolutions in times of travail. To us, that makes them Great Resolutionaries.

What resolutions for 2020 do you propose for the nonprofit community? Is it time that everyone commits to advocacy to advance the missions of nonprofits, individually and collectively? Are there bills, regulations, or court cases potentially affecting nonprofits that everyone should know about – and weigh in on? Is there a priority area that’s desperately in need of leadership in the sector?

Tell us your resolutions and policy predictions for the nonprofit community.

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