Voting and Community Engagement

Community engagement and get out the vote efforts by nonprofits are critical to elections and shaping what will happen in the coming years, yet too many nonprofit leaders are under the mistaken impression that nonprofits cannot participate in voter engagement or talk to candidates about issues vital to bettering their communities.

Charitable nonprofits are uniquely positioned through their credibility and deep knowledge of their communities to inspire voter participation.  Research proves that when nonprofits use their legal rights to – on a nonpartisan basis – encourage people to vote by, among other ways, registering to vote and getting out to vote, people vote at significantly higher levels than if nonprofits did nothing. Thus, encouraging nonprofits to encourage people to vote is not an empty ‘feel good” activity – it truly makes a difference.

To encourage more community engagement and voting, the National Council of Nonprofits has curated and will continue to update trusted resources for reference.

Elections and Community Engagement Resources

IRS guidance

Permitted Nonprofit Nonpartisan Activities

Voter Registration

Ballot Information

State-by-State Information

Nonprofit Nonpartisan Election Tips

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