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Guide to Legacy Giving

We all want our lives to have meaning – during our lifetimes, and even after. Being involved with charitable nonprofits is one of the most important ways we express our desire for meaning and our commitment to make the world a better place. That’s why many of our donors are open to making nonprofits a part of their legacy.
Legacy Giving, also known as “planned giving,” is a largely untapped yet very important opportunity for many small-to-midsized nonprofits. At its most basic, it’s a form of charitable giving in which donors leave a legacy by planning future gifts to a nonprofit from a will,  retirement account, life insurance policy, or other asset. According to a recent study, nearly $9 trillion dollars will be inherited over the next decade. If only five percent of that inheritance is donated, it would mean nearly half a trillion dollars for charitable nonprofit missions.
Your nonprofit already has loyal supporters, board members, and volunteers. How can you begin a conversation with them that strengthens their relationship with your organization and includes the possibility of making the type of gift that has a lasting impact on your nonprofit’s sustainability and ability to advance its mission?
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