Different Policy Maps & Tools

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One size doesn’t fit all. Different problems require different solutions. Too often people limit their thinking about public policy to formal statutes enacted by Congress or state legislatures. But focusing only on “legislative lobbying” misses lots of other effective pathways that nonprofit can and do travel to achieve policy solutions that advance their missions and serve their communities.

Here’s a sampling of the most common maps and tools readily available for your nonprofit to advance its mission:

Research & Analysis                                                    

Issue Framing                                                     

Educating the Public                                                                    

Media Advocacy                                                 

Executive Branch Advocacy            

Administrative Advocacy                                                   

Legislative Lobbying                                                              

  • Direct                                                                            

  • Grass roots                                                                   

Ballot Measures                                                                     

  • Initiatives                                                                      

  • Referenda                                                                 

Judicial Branch Advocacy                                     

Voter Registration, Education & Participation (but not partisan politics for or against candidates)    

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Find Your State Association of Nonprofits

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