Colorado Nonprofit Association

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789 Sherman Street
Suite 240
(303) 832-5710

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The Colorado Nonprofit Association is a statewide membership organization representing Colorado’s nonprofits. We are dedicated to making Colorado a better place for people to live by fostering an environment that supports nonprofits and recognizes the benefits they provide to our communities. We help raise awareness about the important role nonprofits play in bettering our state and the critical need to financially support their efforts. Through our training, support, lobbying and leadership, we help our members achieve their missions more efficiently and effectively. This coalition unites over 1,300 human services providers, health care facilities, arts and cultural organizations, educational institutions, animal and environmental agencies, and more.

I have been part of the nonprofit sector in other cities and have never experienced such a great support resource such as the Colorado Nonprofit Association.

National Sports Center for the Disabled

The operating environment for Colorado’s nonprofits is dynamic, driven by changes in technology, the economy, government policy and donor behavior. Even historically, successful nonprofits with sustainable business models must be alert to and adapt to new and potential operating challenges.  The Association provides up-to-date knowledge, educational tools and informational resources that assist individual nonprofit organizations in successfully adapting to the changing environment.  To address broad-based trends and policy changes that affect nonprofits, the Association is the only statewide organization advocating for all nonprofits with federal, state and local governments.  We provide the public and policy makers with information about trends in charitable giving and information about the economic importance of the sector. We also serve as a credible connecter of ideas and people, to bring about more effective relationships between government, business and nonprofits.  


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