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Nonprofit Knowledge Matters


Hopefully, you’ve already completed the new Race to Lead survey from the Building Movement Project (BMP). If not, then please consider this your personal invitation to take the survey. We asked Sean Thomas-Breitfeld of BMP to lead off this edition with an article about what was learned from the first Race to Lead survey and some new resources they are working on to advance the nonprofit community’s diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts.


Our other articles this month encourage nonprofits to embrace heat and sunshine – heat maps of your organization’s data and the sunshine of transparency. Both can be beneficial in increasing effectiveness and communicating with the people who help advance your nonprofit’s mission. Stay cool and enjoy the rest of your summer!


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Join the Race to Lead!

The first Race to Lead survey, conducted in 2016, advanced the sector’s knowledge of the work that we, collectively, need to do to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion in our organizations. That initial survey busted some myths, including pointing out how respondents of color were no less ready to lead than respondents who are white. Building on what we all shared and learned from that first set of data, a new Race to Lead survey is now in the field. We urge every reader of Nonprofit Knowledge Matters to take the survey – and spread the word to others in the nonprofit community.

What the first Race to Lead survey revealed – and how your nonprofit can take just a few minutes to share your thoughts and advance diversity, equity, and inclusion in the sector…

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Embrace the Heat (Maps)

Take a break from the heat maps on your local weather forecast to take a look at a heat map of a different kind – one created with data from your nonprofit’s website or newsletter. Going beyond a text-based list of what links were clicked the most, you can easily prepare a heat map that provides a powerful visual representation of where in a message or on a webpage people are clicking on links. Looking at where your readers and visitors are clicking can help your nonprofit adjust future messaging to be more effective.

How your nonprofit can use heat maps…


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Let the Sunshine In

Sunshine isn’t just something that can lift our spirits, it’s good for our organizations. Nonprofits are already transparent by nature. Many choose to go beyond legal disclosure requirements to provide stakeholders, including potential staff, volunteers, donors, and others, with more information about their work. Late summer is a great time to review how transparent your nonprofit is being. And, just like with the real sun, a little moderation and common-sense are still called-for to protect sensitive information.

Four ways your nonprofit can let the sunshine in…


Nonprofit Knowledge Nuggets

New fact sheet about nonprofits from U.S. Small Business Administration
“Nonprofits mean business!” declared the Advocacy Office of the Small Business Administration as it announced publication of a new resource: Small Business Facts: Spotlight on Nonprofits. In addition to confirming the economic impact of nonprofits in local economies, the fact sheet demonstrates the respect the SBA Advocacy Office has for the work of charitable organizations.


A fresh perspective on nonprofit advocacy
National Council of Nonprofits intern Emily Perkins shares her perspective on nonprofits’ use of advocacy to advance their missions. Connecting her past experiences on Capitol Hill with the work of nonprofits, she shares, “Legislators value stories from people on the ground, and you should feel compelled to share yours and make your mission well known. Whether in the halls of power or on the corners of your block, advocacy can and should be a tool used by all.”


Supporting nursing mothers in the workplace
In recognition of National Breastfeeding Month, the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) is inviting employers and nursing mothers to share their experiences and concerns. That feedback will help shape DOL's efforts to help employers know their responsibilities and nursing mothers know their rights under the Nursing Mothers Provision of the Fair Labor Standards Act. The online dialogue is taking place from August 5 through August 16.



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