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We’re filled with gratitude – thanks to individuals who step forward to work with and through nonprofits to improve the quality of life of people they often don’t even know. Join us in celebrating and expressing gratitude for donors who give to nonprofits in their local communities and for people working through nonprofits to help heal those affected by disaster and tragedy. Of course, this edition wouldn’t be complete without sharing some ideas on ways your nonprofit can authentically and creatively thank the people who support your mission. To everyone across this country who makes a difference with and through nonprofits: Thank you!

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Gratitude for donors who give locally

Online giving has made it even easier to make a difference halfway around the world, but we can’t forget the vital work of nonprofits in our own backyard. Many of these nonprofits rely largely, if not entirely, on local donations. They don’t have marketing budgets to seek contributions from outside the area and their missions may resonate only with people who understand local needs. Donors to local causes help not just the mission of the organization, but also the local economy. Local nonprofits spend money locally and provide jobs in the community, multiplying the effects of contributions. Give local!

Why we are giving thanks for local donors…

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Gratitude for nonprofits healing communities

We all know the vital work that nonprofits do every day. Additionally, in recent days, weeks, and months, many nonprofits sprang into action to aid people in their communities heal after tragic events – from hurricanes to shootings to wildfires. And not just the traditional renowned groups. Countless other nonprofits went above and beyond to help people in harm’s way; opening their doors to provide shelter, ensuring people with special needs are safe and taken care of, and assisting people in getting their lives back to normal as soon as possible. Some nonprofits helped out in surprising ways.

Learn more about some of these heroic nonprofits …

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Showing gratitude to donors

Expressing regular and authentic gratitude to the donors, volunteers (including board members), and others who support your organization’s mission is one of the most important things you can do.


Thanking donors meaningfully has multiple benefits. It helps move your development program from one that is transactional – where each “ask” and response is a separate event – to one that is relationship-based, where communication occurs in the context of a shared commitment to advance the mission of the organization.


During this season of gratitude and giving, it’s worth putting some extra thought into how your nonprofit is thanking donors (and others) in meaningful, sustained, and distinctive ways.

Read the full article for ideas on ways to thank your donors authentically, systematically, and creatively...


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