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The Center for Nonprofit Excellence (CNE) is a nonprofit resource center and capacity building organization that seeks to strengthen nonprofits to realize the potential of our community. We believe that strong nonprofits create strong communities.

“I choose to engage and partner with CNE because they are the nonprofit ‘North Star’…They are the ones who push our nonprofit community forward and provide much needed guidance and structure in everything from board leadership training to publishing job listings, as well as national trend data–they have it all!”

Since 2005, CNE has grown to represent a diverse community of over 300 member organizations and strategic partnerships across the state.  Since our founding, we’ve been committed to three grounding values for doing business:


We provide education, consulting and resources to create strong leaders, effective managers and healthy collaborators. We are always learning, always teaching to ensure that nonprofits have the tools they need to be competent, operate with integrity and maximize their impact. We have a high standard for our own performance because our philosophy is to lead by example.

We succeed when nonprofits do good work better.


We invest our time, expertise and resources to promote collaboration, which empowers a more efficient and effective nonprofit sector, and we actively seek our own strategic partnerships to leverage this work. We are an honest broker, focused on supporting nonprofits whatever their mission to better steward their resources and increase their impact. We are pragmatic; we seek practical, achievable solutions that fit the organizations and coalitions with which we work.

We succeed when we help nonprofits clear obstacles to collaboration, and identify and address systemic challenges that impede their success. 


We believe in and advocate for a strong, independent nonprofit sector. Nonprofits are essential to the vitality of our community. We respect and nurture the sector so it can do the important and challenging work of creating a social safety net, promoting civic engagement, protecting the environment and enriching us through arts, education and culture.

We succeed when nonprofits are recognized for their economic impact, perceived as effective agents of change and engaged with community partners to solve real problems and enhance our lives.


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