Transportation Tax


Before 2019 completely slips away, let’s celebrate the positive achievements in the public policy arenas of legislatures, executive agencies, and courts at the federal, state, and local levels this past year.

Categories: Advocacy
Tags: Transportation Tax, Foundation Excise Tax, Census, Sales Tax, Overtime, SALT, Loan Forgiveness, Tax Exemption

There’s a saying that victory has a thousand parents and defeat is an orphan.

Categories: Advocacy
Tags: Transportation Tax, UBIT, Tax Reform

The phrase “nonprofit tax day” may sound like an oxymoron or punchline of a joke, but it’s real. Tax-exempt organizations must pay significant new taxes to the U.S.

Categories: Advocacy
Tags: Tax Day, UBIT, Transportation Tax, Silo-ing Tax, Endowments, Excise Tax
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