Stand for Your Mission


Eloquence is on display this month as writers wax forth on two essential nonprofit topics: the importance of indirect or administrative costs and the value of advocacy in advancing missions.

Categories: Advocacy
Tags: OMB Uniform Guidance, #OwnYourOwnCosts, State Policy, Stand for Your Mission, Tax Exemptions

For the past 7 years, the Nonprofit Finance Fund has surveyed nonprofits to learn about their financial health.

Categories: #OwnYourOwnCosts
Tags: Stand for Your Mission, Full Costs, Government-Nonprofit Contracting Reform, Indirect Costs, Demand for Services

For too long, a myth has hung over the nonprofit community like a scary fog:  that nonprofit advocacy is somehow spooky. Nothing could be further from the truth, because advocating for missions is a core part of our sector’s proud legacy.

Categories: Advocacy
Tags: Advocacy, Governance, Stand for Your Mission
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