Treating nonprofit employees fairly and legally – or, if you’re an employee, being treated that way – is essential to effective, sustainable organizations that serve the public good.

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Before 2019 completely slips away, let’s celebrate the positive achievements in the public policy arenas of legislatures, executive agencies, and courts at the federal, state, and local levels this past year.

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The last time the U.S. Department of Labor proposed changing the rules on overtime pay, the second most common question the National Council of Nonprofits heard – after what would the proposed regulations do?

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Since the U.S.

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As nonprofits look ahead to July, remember that it isn’t just the season for fireworks and barbecues. It’s also the time when many nonprofits will enter new or renewed contracts and grant agreements with governments.

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In the lead-up to the release of the new Labor Department overtime regulations on May 18, we heard from many nonprofits that they had moral support for raising the salary threshold, but operational anxiety as they worried about how to cover any...

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When you hear about “new proposed federal regulations,” you may immediately think: “I need to learn all about these new regulations so our nonprofit doesn’t get into trouble!” But it’s very unlikely that the proposed rules you heard...

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