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Two years into a pandemic that has changed everything, nonprofits continue to search for ways to adjust almost every aspect of their operations.

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Tags: Employees, Employment, Mental Health, Wellness, Workforce Shortage

A small human services provider based in Washington, D.C. utilized the Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC) to keep 11 full-time employees and several part-time workers on the job throughout the pandemic.

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Nonprofit organizations tend to be experts at caring.

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Categories: Leadership
Tags: Employees, Employment, Hiring, HR, Workforce Shortage

As COVID-19 thankfully appears to be receding, one significant byproduct of the pandemic for some employers still remains: the large increase in the number of employees who have been telecommuting, often for significant lengths of time and in a...

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Tags: Employment, Remote Work, Remote Workforce, State and Local Taxes

A healthcare and mental health provider in Maine wrote of...

Categories: Leadership
Tags: Workforce Shortage, Wellness, Equity, Leadership, Employment

New data provide further evidence that the public served by nonprofits continues to be at risk.

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Tags: Trends, Fundraising, Data, Employment, Workforce Shortage

The community-based human services sector in Massachusetts – one of the largest segments of our state’s nonprofit community – is in the midst of a workforce crisis.

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The unemployment news across the country is horrific.

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Nonprofits, by definition, are mission-driven organizations designed to serve a charitable purpose. Nowhere in those missions should sexual harassment, or other forms of discrimination, have a toehold.

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