Throughout the past year, we’ve published a series of articles on the nonprofit workforce shortage crisis.

Categories: Leadership
Tags: Workforce Shortage, Equity, Employment, Employees, Hiring

As summer breaks wind down, many students preparing to go back to school are likely to start an internship.

Categories: Capacity Building
Tags: Internship, Employees, Workforce Shortage, Hiring

On May 11, 2022 all of my remaining federal student debt was forgiven by the government, eliminating hundreds of future monthly payments and changing the way my family makes decisions.

Categories: Leadership
Tags: Public Service Loan Forgiveness, Student Debt, Employees, Workforce Shortage

Treating nonprofit employees fairly and legally – or, if you’re an employee, being treated that way – is essential to effective, sustainable organizations that serve the public good.

Categories: Federal Policy
Tags: Employees, Overtime
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Two years into a pandemic that has changed everything, nonprofits continue to search for ways to adjust almost every aspect of their operations.

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Tags: Employees, Employment, Mental Health, Wellness, Workforce Shortage
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Nonprofit organizations tend to be experts at caring.

Categories: Leadership
Tags: Workforce Shortage, Wellness, Equity, Employees, Employment


Categories: Leadership
Tags: Employees, Employment, Hiring, HR, Workforce Shortage

As COVID-19 thankfully appears to be receding, one significant byproduct of the pandemic for some employers still remains: the large increase in the number of employees who have been telecommuting, often for significant lengths of time and in a...

Categories: Financial Management
Tags: Employees, Employment, Remote Work, Remote Workforce, State and Local Taxes
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According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), women in the United States earned approximately 83 percent of what men earned in 2021.

Categories: Transparency
Tags: Equity, Hiring, Fair Pay, Employees

"A healthcare and mental health provider in Maine wrote of empty beds in their group home due to staff vacancies and a growing list of special-needs children waiting for months for access to services -- all while anticipating...

Categories: Leadership
Tags: Workforce Shortage, Wellness, Equity, Employees, Employment


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