thick orange haze above San Francisco from record wildfires in 2020 +

The unsettling juxtaposition of two recent reports makes this urgent truth unavoidable and crystal clear: climate change is threatening the sustainability of all nonprofits, including the ones you care about most.

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New data provide further evidence that the public served by nonprofits continues to be at risk.

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Grantmakers for Effective Organizations (GEO) has provided a splendid addition to the literature on capacity building with its new report,...

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One of the roles the National Council of Nonprofits plays - along with our network of State Associations of nonprofits - is to keep you up-to-date and informed about emerging trends that may affect the operations of your charitable nonprofit.

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You may be familiar with the National Council of Nonprofits’ role as a trendspotter for charitable nonprofits, including annual rundowns of...

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To supplement our list of Nonprofit Trends to Watch in 2015, this post offers context for the top trends and shares...

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As we look at the funding landscape for charitable nonprofits heading into 2015, nonprofits are feeling as if we’re on a see-saw.

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