Last week, we attended a meeting of the National Association of State Charity Officials (NASCO) in Washington, DC.

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Tags: Governance, Fundraising

You can ensure a high performing board by taking time to orient and continually engage board members.

Categories: Leadership
Tags: Board, Leadership, Education, Governance, Financial Literacy

An ongoing problem many nonprofit organizations face is finding new board members. For a large number of us, this ranks only behind fundraising as the biggest thorn in our side.

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Tags: Board, Leadership, Governance

When questions about a nonprofit leader’s exceptionally high salary make the front page of the paper, we wince.

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Tags: Executive Compensation, Governance

For too long, a myth has hung over the nonprofit community like a scary fog:  that nonprofit advocacy is somehow spooky. Nothing could be further from the truth, because advocating for missions is a core part of our sector’s proud legacy.

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Tags: Advocacy, Governance, Stand for Your Mission

By: Wavel Joseph, CPA, CGMA, CFOTate and Tryon

Categories: Financial Management
Tags: Financial Management, Governance, Dashboards
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