Without a CT budget by July 1, the options are all bad

Without a CT budget by July 1, the options are all bad

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The state's largest nonprofit coalition, the CT Community Nonprofit Alliance, warned this week that a similar situation certainly would harm some of the state's most vulnerable citizens.

Gian-Carl Casa, president and CEO of the alliance, said his office has heard from a wide range of nonprofits providing behavioral health programs, various children's services and programs for the intellectually and developmentally disabled.

"We've been asking our members what would happen if payments are delayed or reduced," he said. "If funding is cut, 63 percent of the respondents say they would eliminate programs and almost 75 percent would reduce services or programs."

Casa added that "four out of five say they'd have to lay off staff, and even a two-week delay in state funding would produce service cutbacks among some providers. "One thing is clear, if funding is reduced and payments are delayed, more of our most vulnerable fellow citizens will be without help."

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Hartford Business Journal

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