Why Work for a Nonprofit? Creating a Career with Impact

Why Work for a Nonprofit? Creating a Career with Impact

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“Nonprofits offer the opportunity to change the world or to help your neighbors in your local community, all while continuing to build your professional skills,” says Rick Cohen, spokesperson for the National Council of Nonprofits. Whether you’re a fiscal genius or a marketing wizard, your skills can make a difference in the world when you put them to work at a nonprofit.


In addition to managing money, business professionals are vital to helping the nonprofit sector achieve their goals and operate strategically. “Bringing the business acumen to nonprofits can help that nonprofit operate more efficiently, which would enable that nonprofit to better advance their mission and serve the community,” Cohen says.

The nonprofit need for employees with a business degree isn’t much different from the needs of a for-profit corporation, according to Cohen. “Nonprofits need finance staff, operations staff, executive staff. Someone with a business major could be the CFO, COO or CEO of a nonprofit, just as they could with a for-profit business.”

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