Why aren’t nonprofits part of the bigger conversation?

Why aren’t nonprofits part of the bigger conversation?

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When the nonprofit sector and our leaders are around the table, it means that we get the fullest, clearest picture of the issues and opportunities facing our communities.  It means that we contribute to the efficient resolution of issues.  And, it means that by sharing our voice, we ensure that we all use our limited time, talent and resources wisely.

But let’s dispel a few of those myths and misperceptions.

We are players.  According to an Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits-commissioned report from the Arizona State University Seidman Institute, nonprofits are the fifth largest non-government employer in Arizona, generating more direct jobs and salaries than the construction and manufacturing industries. 

Nearly 8% of Arizona’s Gross State Product – $23.5 billion – is generated by nonprofits.  And so is nearly 10% of all state and local income tax.

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AZ Big Media

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