While giving thanks, also give your time, money and voice

While giving thanks, also give your time, money and voice

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“If you care enough to invest your money in an organization, then investing your voice can magnify that impact with policymakers,” says David Heinen, vice president for public policy and advocacy with the North Carolina Center for Nonprofits.

And if the issue you’re passionate about impacts you or someone dear, please consider sharing your story when you reach out to decision-makers. You don’t have to betray confidences or share identifying information in order to convey how the changes being considered matter to you because they touch close to, or maybe even at, home.

Informed, thoughtful advocacy takes something almost as precious as money – time. But that’s what pushes systems to change. This holiday season, commit to supporting your chosen organizations with the donations that help them meet needs and keep the doors open but also by becoming an advocate who adds the value of your voice.

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The News & Observer

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